Welcome! My name is Linda Fisher and I'm an animal teacher, animal behavior consultant, and fine artist. I have 

more than 30 years of experience teaching and rehabilitating hundreds of companion animals and companion parrots, including horses, dogs, cats, primates, and more. I provide consultation to individuals, animal rescue organizations, animal shelters, and sanctuaries world-wide.  I utilize the scientific system of Applied Behavior Analysis to teach companion animals and to emotionally rehabilitate PTSD animal trauma victims who would otherwise be surrendered, rehomed, and/or euthanized due to behavior issues. 


I am former veterinary technician and have a lifetime of experience working with and teaching many species of animals, including parrots, horses, dogs, cats, primates, and many more

I founded the first avian welfare non-profit organization in the world in 1989. My organization provided information about the plight of captive parrots, parrot husbandry, and parrot behavior.

I also co-founded a second non-profit organization to teach humane education to school children and adults, to inspire compassion for all species of animals.  

I hold a special place in my heart for the psittacine species because I believe they are the most misunderstood species that people keep as pets.


Humans' misunderstanding about

animal behavior is a primary reason

many companion animals

are surrendered, intentionally and unintentionally abused, neglected, and/or euthanized. With professional behavior education my clients are able to effectively and humanely modify their animals' unwanted behaviors and improve their animals' quality of life. Ultimately this can lead to a permanent home for the animal, avoiding surrender. This is the primary reason I'm passionate about doing this work.

I practice the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, which is a force-free system of teaching that can be applied to all learners to humanely modify or alleviate behaviors. 

Although experience is valuable, too often I hear animal enthusiasts claim that their many years of experience working with animals, automatically makes them an expert animal trainer. However, in reality, quantity of years working with animals doesn't necessarily make a person a good animal trainer or provide professional knowledge about animal behavior. That's why I've been

a lifelong learner about animal behavior taught by some of the most respected and nowledgeable animal behaviorists in the business. I'm a graduate of Dr. Susan Friendman's Behavior Works-Living and Learning with Animals (LLA) professional course, a continuing student of Steve Martin, Natural  Encounters, Inc, Barbara's Force Free Animal Training, and more. You can learn about their state-of-the-art animal behavior organizations by visiting their websites:

What's in a name?  Why The Empowered Parrot?

I chose The Empowered Parrot as the name for my animal behavior consulting because it it symbolic of how important it is to allow all of our companion animals to have a voice about their desires. A bird is the ultimate symbol of that freedom for animals.  


Many people learned the outdated philosophy that we must punish, dominate, and "show the animal who is boss", to make an animal do what we want. However, domination and force can produce serious, undesired rebound consequences. It can also cause the animal to develop new unwanted behaviors that can be as problematic or worse than the original problem behavior. 


Scientist and scholars are continuing to learn more about the benefits and success of using force-free teaching techniques to teach all learners.