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Welcome! My name is Linda Fisher and I'm an animal behavior consultant, animal empath, and fine artist. I have 

more than 30 years of experience teaching and rehabilitating hundreds of companion animals and companion parrots, including horses, dogs, cats, primates, and more. I provide consultation to individuals, animal rescue organizations, animal shelters, and sanctuaries worldwide.  I utilize the scientific system of Applied Behavior Analysis, force-free, and fear-free, to teach animals and to emotionally rehabilitate PTSD animal trauma victims who would otherwise be surrendered, re-homed, and/or euthanized due to behavior issues. 


Professional Course

Graduate Certificate of Excellence

I founded the first avian welfare non-profit organization in the world in 1989. My organization provided information about the plight of captive parrots, parrot husbandry, and parrot behavior.

I also co-founded a second non-profit organization to teach humane education to school children and adults, and to inspire compassion for all species of animals.  

I hold a special place in my heart for the psittacine species because I believe they are the most misunderstood species that people keep as pets, hence the name The Empowered Parrot. Humans'

misunderstanding about animal behavior

 is a primary reason many animals are surrendered, intentionally and unintentionally abused, neglected, and/or euthanized.

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With professional behavior education, my clients are able to effectively and humanely modify their animals' unwanted behaviors and improve their animals' quality of life. Ultimately this can lead to a permanent home for the animal, avoiding surrender. This is the primary reason I'm passionate about doing this work.

I practice the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, which is a force-free system of teaching that can be applied to all learners to humanely modify or alleviate behaviors. 

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Veterinary Professional-Avian



I've always loved animals. When I was a child, I wanted to be an animal trainer, a veterinarian, and an artist. I grew up with animals; rats, dogs, cats, horses, birds, and a rescued monkey.  Following my natural instincts, I taught them all. I made it fun for me and the animals! As an adult, I worked with small and large animals in a clinical setting, and my art career blossomed. I also learned more about the world of animal training. Unfortunately, I didn't like what I witnessed. Trainers frequently bullied and forced animals to do things against their will, and if the animals didn't surrender or do the behavior, they were punished. If the animal eventually cowered and/or did the behavior, the trainer was praised. If that's how a professional trainer was supposed to train, I didn't want any part of it. I decided to follow my instincts and use force-free. What animals thought and how they felt mattered to me. 


Many years later, kinder methods of teaching animals began to surface and improve, gradually taking us where we are now. Behavior scientists determined that positive reinforcement and giving animals choices were psychologically healthier for animals and it also provided better results. "Animals can be afforded a happier way of learning when their teachers provide a happier way of teaching!" 

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