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Parrot Behavior Classes

Introductory Parrot Flight Recall

Just as it's important to teach your dog to come to you when you call his/her name. Flight recall is the same behavior and just as important for your parrot. It can be a valuable (and potentially life saving) behavior to teach your parrot. 


Introductory Parrot Aggression & Biting

Aggression and Biting are the most common behavior problems among companion parrots. There are many reasons parrots bite and/or become aggressive. This class pinpoints the reasons your parrot bites and behaves aggressively, and provides solutions to modify or remove that unwanted behavior. 


No classes are scheduled at this time. Please contact me if you're interested in private lessons, or if you have a small group who would like a day class. 

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My onsite classes are limited to parrot behavior. If you're interested in attending a future class please contact me and I will place you on my list for upcoming classes.

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