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Webinar and Audio downloads

by Animal Behaviorist

Barbara Heidenreich

For those who are wanting to learn more about animal behavior and are interested in possibly becoming an animal behavior consultant, I can't rave enough about Barbara Heidenreich's courses. She provides state-of-the-art, progressive courses that are presented in clear and easy to understand language. I owe Barbara a huge thank you for my own progress and success as an animal behavior consultant. 

I always trust Barbara to provide the highest quality course material, and I also trust her guest instructors as well. 

Animal Training Fundamentals

by Animal Behaviorist

Barbara Heidenreich


Article By Dr. Susan FriedmanBehavior Works

What's Wrong With This Picture,

Effectiveness is Not Enough

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Learn more about fear-free animal training.

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The Parrot Enrichment

Activity Booklet

by Kris Porter

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