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"My dog Wunjo was terrified of getting into the car, and she would also get car sick and was very stressed when traveling. With Linda’s professional direction and instruction, Wunjo now loves riding in the car. Wunjo is relaxed, and she doesn’t get car sick. Having my dog with me while traveling is very important to me, so I’m ecstatic that Linda was able to help. 'See photo of Wunjo on our latest road trip. She's relaxed and resting her head on her paws.'  I highly recommend Linda at the Empowered Parrot for any animal behavior problems."

 Linda L. – Reno, Nevada USA


"You are amazing! I would not hesitate to recommend you!  My dog loves you and he doesn't like anyone.!"

Gianna H. Los Angeles, CA USA

"I don't know how you did what you did by just talking to me on the phone about a parrot you've never met, but I'm a believer now. 


We followed your instructions and it's been two weeks and Ruffles is quieter and seems less stressed. We had no idea he didn't like his location. It made a big difference in his life and ours. He stopped biting us too! Thanks for your help."

Terrance G. Los Angeles, CA USA

"Linda, I had lost all hope for Winston because of his biting. I was skeptical when you said he needed to feel more confident. I thought he was too confident and that's why he was biting. I had no idea I was the problem instead! With your help and your positive training, he stopped biting and he seems so much happier. 

Thank you! "

D. K. San Francisco, CA  USA

Linda surpassed my expectations. I've had horses all my life and worked alongside trainers but no one else has provided such important insight. Her assistance was invaluable."

Jeff T. Corte Madera, CA USA

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